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Grav Resistance Band - Medium (45kg)

RM68.00 MYR
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
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Trains full body. All training styles. This classic elastic training band made with natural latex is the gear your functional workouts have been waiting for.

Provide resistance so you can train harder for gaining strength. Or you can use it as support to unlock new skills, such as pull-up and front-lever.

Designed for calisthenics, cross-training, and even rehabilitation.

- Retain elasticity like day one after repeated usage.
- Environmental friendly material, from the band to the packaging.
- Lightweight, so you can carry it everywhere you go
- 100% natural latex rubber. Odorless, friendly to the skin.
- Ideal for all levels of fitness
- Uniform and neat color profile, no fancy colors

- Width and thickness: 32mm x 4.5mm / 1.25” x 0.17”
- Circular length: 208cm / 81.8”
- Weight: 300g / 10.5oz
- Tension: 45kg / 100lbs
Tension corresponds to the weight measured when the band is stretched to 2x of its original length.

- Store it in a dry and cool indoor place.

- Wipe with damped cloth and hang dry.

- Apply baby powder after usage.

- Avoid prolonged direct sunlight exposure.

- Avoid contact with sharp or uneven objects and surface.

- Check if there is a tear before using. Stop using if the band is damaged.

5 / 5

Durable elastic band that gives resistance or assistance you needed.

Breakthrough your fitness plateau with the free-moving elastic band. The flexible band fills the gap of optimal resistance for better progressive overload. 

Gain strength. Learn skills. Conditioning. And more.

Beginner or professional. Men or women. Home workout or outdoor training. There is always a place for an elastic training band. With a single band, you can easily target full-body muscle groups.

Ultimate versatility in all settings

Our resistance bands are made of 100% natural latex that retains its elasticity even after heavy usage.

Durable and environmental

If it breaks within 3 years, get a new set from us. Now you can train with confidence.

Get a new band if it breaks

Frequently asked questions

Please use the the recommendation chart below as a guide. Note that there is no fast-and-hard rule. Get a full set of different sizes and experiment what works best for you.

Yes. Resistance bands in their nature, are friendly to joints. That’s why it’s been one of the main tools to be used in injury rehabilitation and is famous among old people who are looking to start with strength training. 

Unlike free weights, the resistance adapts to your fitness level so overloading will not happen easily.

The white spots is a sign of oxidation. It is a very common characteristic of natural latex bands, especially after usage. It won’t affect the band quality at all.

Our elastic training bands are build to last for at least 3 years.

Absolutely. Resistance is resistance, it doesn't matter if it is coming from lifting free weights or elastic bands.

Pair the bands with bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, and squat for best muscle building result.

Keep them in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. High temperature tends to make the natural rubber become brittle and they tend to break under that condition.

If stained, wipe the band with damped cloth with water only. Apply typical powder on the bands to prevent stickiness.

Do not use the band on sharp or uneven surfaces. It could damage the band and affect its longetivity.

Delivery takes 3 to 10 business days.
If any item(s) you have purchased is not to your liking you can return them to us within 30 days for a refund or an exchange. Read more about refund policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Your new best friend

Strong and durable, great for using as a pull up aid when coming back from injury and wanting support while working with correct form.

Raffy StreetStrength
Best Quality

Good start for those that wants to learn muscle up, the weight resistance is more than enough to support me. Quality is good, love it!

Up your Calisthenics Game

This is a great set of resistance bands that I think is very affordable with great quality. The resistance profile of each band is just right in offering plenty of variation in your training from providing assistance to challenging you with its resistance. They feel like they are made of long lasting materials, so surely its a training tool I'd recommend having to help you go far in your training.