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Super Gravity Set

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The Super Gravity Set transforms serious workouts. It offers rigorous adventures with diverse equipment. Use a weight vest, gym rings, parallettes, wrist wraps, and bands. Monotonous routines become demanding trials. Stay pumped and motivated. Take on the world one rep at a time.

Comes with:
+ Weight Vest: Amp up your bodyweight exercises for a workout that's out of this world.
+ Gym Rings: Channel your inner gymnast and build incredible upper body strength.
+ Parallettes: Handstand push-ups and L-sits? Yes, please!
+ Wrist Wraps: Protect your wrists while lifting heavy or nailing those challenging moves.
+ Bands: Resistance training that's as versatile as your favorite Swiss Army knife.
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Grav Weight Vest
+ Belt maximum circumference: 160cm
+ Belt minimum circumference: 40cm
+ Weight block amount: from 12 to 16
+ Weight block weight: 1kg / 2.20lb per block

Grav Gymnastic Rings
+ Material: Zelkova Wood
+ Thickness: 3.2cm
+ Inner diameter: 17cm
+ Outer diameter: 23.5cm
+ Straps width: 3.7cm
+ Straps length: Total at 265cm, maximum usable length at 245cm
+ Straps numbered loops: 22 loops
+ Straps distance between loops: 10cm

Grav Wrist Wraps
+ Strap length: 90cm long x 7cm wide
+ Lace length: 25cm

Grav Parallettes Prime
+ Parallettes dimension (LxWxH): 50cm x 34cm x 30cm / 19.7" x 13.3" x 11.8"
+ Wooden handle usable length: 37cm / 14.5"
+ Wooden handle diameter: 4cm / 1.5"
+ Total weight of a pair: 6kg / 13.2lbs

Grav Parallettes Edge
+ Parallettes dimension (LxWxH): 23.5cm x 16.5cm x 12cm / 9.3" x 6.5" x 4.7"
+ Wooden handle usable length: 15cm / 5.9"
+ Wooden handle diameter: 4cm / 1.5"
+ Total weight of a pair: 2.7kg / 5.9lbs

Weight Vest - View now (PDF)

Parallettes - View now (PDF)

Gymnastic rings - View now (PDF)

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