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Grav Gymnastic Rings

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

Reinforce your calisthenics skills like pull-up, dip, rows, handstand, and many more.

No more wasting time adjusting the straps using an eyeball. Just hook the heavy-duty carabiners into the numbered loops and you get the exact same height symmetry within seconds for both rings.

Double layer straps made with strong nylon webbing, each anchor loop is marked with double stitching lines. Paired with two corrosion-resistance carabiners at each strap. Tested with load-bearing up to 400kg.

Nothing feels better than gripping our smooth Zelkova Sinica wooden rings. It absorbs moisture and gives you a strong grip without using chalk. Durable and does not weaken over time like plastic rings.

- No more guesswork, quick adjustment for the exact same height symmetry within seconds for both rings
- Double layer strap made with high-intensity nylon with reinforced anchor loops
- Hiking-grade carabiners made with superior wear resistant zinc alloy
- Non-slip and anti-sweat rings made from treated Zelkova Sinica wood with a smooth sanding finish
- Neat and tidy that no excess strap that gets in the way

- Material: Zelkova Wood
- Thickness: 3.2cm
- Inner diameter: 17cm
- Outer diameter: 23.5cm

- Width: 3.7cm
- Length: Total at 265cm, maximum usable length at 245cm
- Numbered loops: 22 loops
- Distance between loops: 10cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Worth the price.

Build quality is superb and feels premium. Easy to adjust height in a matter of seconds. Convenient to keep after using as well. Knowing I’m gonna be using rings for a very long time, it’s better to invest into something much more well-made which is Gravgear products. Overall, awesome purchase.

Merissa Ang
Quality rings

Hesitated initially on getting it cause it was more expensive than the other brands. But i wasn't disappointed. The quality was obvious from the straps to the rings. Very solid, smooth finish, works great, looks good, and feels safe. The one and only rings you'll probably ever need. No regrets.

First premium rings

Very satisfied with it. Strong grip, also I like the straps so much. Feels premium and very easy to adjust. Very good customer service

Ultimate strength powerhouse you can bring anywhere.

Spend the time working out, not eyeballing for each strap adjustment.

Perfect alignment in seconds

They will last for decades and offer great safety.

Double straps for ultra durability

Farewell to distraction and full focus on every push and pull.

No excess straps to get in your way

Easy to keep and store. No more messy straps.

Neat and organized all the time

Frequently asked questions

They are not only great for calisthenics and body-weight training. Push-up, pull-up, dip, l-sit, handstand, leg-raise, back-lever, front-level, German hang, skin-the-cat. It is so versatile you can use it for functional fitness, cross training, strength training, and conditioning.

Doing push ups on gymnastic rings really challenges your muscles in new ways. On the floor, the force generated by a push-up works in an up and down direction along the arm length. On gymnastics rings, you have to work the chest muscles with both horizontal and vertical forces applied to your body weight. The result? Better body coordination and maximum strength gain!

Wooden gymnastic rings are better than plastic because of their durability, and they feel good to grip. In addition, there's a great grip on these rings which is very necessary for balance in certain advanced moves. For beginners, the material doesn't have to be too important as long as it allows you to complete basic exercise swings - but if you can afford wooden gymnastic rings they'll last much longer with regular use.

No. It's just as good for beginners as it is for more advanced people. It is for all fitness level. Just like any calisthenics exercises, there are always some easier progression to train first. With gymnastic rings, you just had more options doing beginner friendly movement. Rings are also less harsh to joints when comparing to static bars.

Ah, the simple question that has so many possible answers depending on what is available in your environment and how much space you have. Do you have a doorway? A pull-up bar/free bar or more sturdy bar for rings to hold onto at different heights? Yes? Great! No? Try these ideas: tree branches; if lucky enough to have a roof or balcony with a roof, hang them on the strong bars.

Absolutely! Just look how buff a gymnast is.

Gymnastic rings, in particular, allow you to build muscle more effectively because they require effort to maintain equilibrium (no balance beam), which means you're using the muscles throughout your body more than with other equipment like plastic hoops or on tumbling mats. They also offer you increased mobility and range of motion, two things that are lacking when we do weight training routines on machines alone. The result will be stronger and leaner muscles for sure - all without having to leave the comfort of your own home!

Glad you asked. Our rings are created to be some of the most durable in the industry and won't break or snap like a lot of other competitors do. But for those of you that want something even better than just durability, fear not! After a long time trying to perfect our strap we finally managed to come up with one that is so easy to adjust within seconds. The double layer strap will last a lifetime too, making it perfect for anyone who wants an inch less or more off their height at all times without pausing what they're doing on the gymnastic rings.

Rings should be stored indoor when not in use, as direct sunlight damages materials over time. Wipe clean with damp cloth and hang dry before keeping up in dry space.

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