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Calisthenics Playbook for Push Pull Squat (Physical book)

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We don't think videos or text are the best for learning bodyweight fitness—this book shows why. It will be your first time getting strong with a comic-style guide.

  • 3 separate programs for one-arm push-ups, pull-ups, and pistol squats.
  • 27+ workouts laid out in a step-by-step progression.
  • 300+ precision-crafted illustrations for accurate technique guidance.
  • Science-driven insights focused on real-world applications.
  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate athletes.

Kindle and Paperback versions also on Amazon AustraliaUSUK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, SpainJapan, and India.

+ 3 structured routines
+ 27 plus workouts
+ 300 plus hand-made illustrations

+ Vertical view (8.5 x 11 inch)
+ 114 pages
+ English language
+ ISBN: 978-981-18-9320-9 (Physical book)
+ Author: Wayne Foong Weng Hui

4.9 / 5

Your blueprint for one-arm push-ups, pull-ups, and pistol squats

Aiming for one-arm push-ups, pull-ups, or pistol squats? We've got three structured routines ready to take you from beginner to pro.

Whether you're just starting out or you've been at it for a while, these dedicated plans are your shortcut to mastering these moves without any fluff.

Master art of calisthenics with a comic-style guide

Who likes reading boring manuals? Not us. That's why we made a guide that's all about the visuals.

Think of it as learning to be a fitness ninja through a comic book. It's all about seeing and doing - because let's be real, pictures beat text any day when it comes to learning cool moves.

Unlock peak performance with science-backed calisthenics insights

Let's cut through the noise with some actual science-backed tips that make sense. Forget about just doing things because some dude at the gym said so.

We're here to share the legit stuff that works, like finding the perfect grip and mixing in some weights. Because, seriously, who needs bro science when you can get the real deal?

Tips from the pros, made easy

We've teamed up with some serious calisthenics pros to fill our guide with top-notch advice that's easy to follow.

By working hand in hand with the best coaches out there, our guide stays up-to-date and jam-packed with the kind of know-how that puts you ahead of the game. All the expert wisdom, without the confusion, right where you need it.

Dive into the biomechanics of your workouts

Your workout, dissected. Viewed from angles unseen, understood at a level previously untouched. Every movement, every muscle articulated for your comprehension. It's not just about doing the exercise; it's about knowing it. Intimately. Thoroughly.

Why 100+ countries are turning the page


It's not just about the exercises but understanding the 'why' behind them. This book has been a game changer for me.

SecunderCustomer from 🇩🇪

The Power of Mr. Yellow

I like the anatomical yellow man and he was the main reason I bought the book. His illustrations make understanding the exercises and their effects on the body much easier.

Ralf WiegandCustomer from 🇩🇪

Great for a beginner

As a complete beginner, at first I was overwhelmed. But this book guided me through the basics in a very structured way. It's perfect for anyone starting out.

Aisyah RoziCustomer from 🇦🇺

What I’ve been looking for

This playbook is just the guide I’ve been looking for. Detailed, practical, and filled with insights.

Philip ApplewhaiteCustomer from 🇧🇧

Really helping stuff

As an intermediate level athlete, I found the detailed progressions and tips incredibly helpful for advancing my skills.

Davide TonettiCustomer from 🇮🇹

Beginners unlock skills, veterans do more reps

A playbook for all. If you're starting, it's your foundation. If you're experienced, it's your next chapter. New skills, more reps, continuous growth - all tailored for you. Fitness, redefined, because everyone has a frontier to conquer.

27+ workouts and 300+ illustrations, all human, no AI

Dive into a guide featuring 27+ workouts, each paired with anatomically correct illustrations. You'll not only see what to do but understand which muscles to engage, ensuring you're working out right.

And here's a fun fact: these illustrations are so precise, you can be sure they're not AI-generated—AI would probably create muscles out of imagination.

Get a taste of excellence with our free sample

Still on the fence? We get it. That's why we're offering a sneak peek into our world of calisthenics. Grab our free sample and see for yourself the clarity and effectiveness of our guide. It's a glimpse of the transformation waiting for you.

Read sample

Make a difference with Yellow Dude

We dream big. We see a world where everyone can be their best self, with calisthenics as the key. This book is the beginning. Yellow Dude isn't just for fitness. He's our way to teach, to share, to inspire.

When you choose this playbook, you're choosing more than a guide. You're fueling a movement, helping us spread joy and health. Together, we can make fitness fun and accessible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 304 reviews
Luis Urbina
Best workout you can get on your own time

For $20 i was able to make time throughout my day to workout with the Calisthenics Playbook. And i must say that it does take dedication and patience

Cristopher Arroyo Landazuri
Excelente libro para iniciar el mundo de la calistenia!

El libro es conciso con la información, las ilustraciones son claras y adecuadas para cada componente del ejercicio y es muy interactivo.

Christos Giachoudis
An almost great book

I started following the suggested program of the book. I started observing some progress and improvement. But slow improvement. The illustrations help a lot to keep your focus into the workout and also give you a better understanding on how...

I wish the book contained more general information on Calisthenics and also some nutrition info to support the suggested programs.

Frequently asked questions

You can purchase the Kindle and Paperback versions on Amazon US, UK, AustraliaGermany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and India.

Or simply search for "Calisthenics Playbook" on your local Amazon website, and it should appear among the top results.

The book focuses on a clear set of workouts, with 27+ routines that include exercises like one-arm push-ups, pull-ups, and pistol squats. While it doesn't cover skills like handstands, L-sits, ring skills, or planches, it provides a solid foundation for your calisthenics journey.

This digital book is in PDF format, which can be easily accessed on any device, including computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Yes, both beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts will benefit from the playbook's tailored tips and techniques.

This playbook is meant just for you and sharing it isn't allowed. Every digital book includes your personal info, so passing it around might not be the best idea for your privacy.

If you've previously bought the "Calisthenics Playbook" digital version, yes, it's the same content but now in a new vertical format with a bit of extra stuff added. We've given it a new name that better reflects the content, and it's now available as a physical book too.

Digital product sales are final, so no cancellations there.

For physical items, get in touch ASAP before we arrange the shipment. Once it's on its way, we can't cancel it.