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Level up your fitness game

Grav Weight Vest makes all workout harder. The added resistance increases the intensity of your exercise and leading to improved strength, endurance, and overall physical performance. WEIGHT VEST IN AUSTRALIA

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These bundles are going to change your game.

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The proof is in the pudding (or, you know, the testimonials)

Hey, we could talk your ear off about how great our gear is, but why not hear it straight from the horse's mouth? Check out what our happy customers have to say.

"Really compact and as someone who does a lot of weighted Calisthenics, it doesn’t shift or slide around the body."

@njltheawesomeFitness coach

"I have a fractured right clavicle and I don't really carry backpacks around because it will feel uncomfortable. But this maxed out vest is still comfortable even after 1 hour of intense push up session."

Alvin KooCustomer

"I really like the look, like the material and like how it helps me reach my goals with comfort on my body."

Adam L.Customer

Unleash Your Inner Gymnast

Sick of fiddling with your gymnastic ring straps? Grav Gymnastic Rings have got you covered. Perfectly aligned rings in mere seconds mean more time working out and less time fumbling with straps. PERFECT RINGS IN AUSTRALIA

We only release gear we'd use ourselves

At Gravgear, our obsession with quality drives everything we do. We're committed to creating equipment that meets the highest standards in every aspect, from top-notch materials to stylish design. And if we wouldn't use it ourselves, you won't find it in our lineup.

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Your training buddy for life is real.

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