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Far better than any other Olympic rings I've used as there's no excess strap to deal and muck around with when you need to adjust

Perfect Gymnastics Rings that I have been looking for. Easy to set up. It's neat and clean without the extra strap that gets in the way when doing exercise. I'm happy with it. I recommend it. 😊👍💪

Best workout you can get on your own time

For $20 i was able to make time throughout my day to workout with the Calisthenics Playbook. And i must say that it does take dedication and patience

Grav Weight Vest 12kg
ASHOK NR, Karnataka, India
Excellent weighted vest

Really happy about my purchase. The fit is perfect. The straps do not cut into my shoulder. Although it is quite heavy to lift while putting it on, once it is on my shoulder, I hardly notice the weight. I am now able to get a workout even while
walking around my home. Unbelievable!

Excelente libro para iniciar el mundo de la calistenia!

El libro es conciso con la información, las ilustraciones son claras y adecuadas para cada componente del ejercicio y es muy interactivo.

Very comfortable and snug

An almost great book

I started following the suggested program of the book. I started observing some progress and improvement. But slow improvement. The illustrations help a lot to keep your focus into the workout and also give you a better understanding on how...

I wish the book contained more general information on Calisthenics and also some nutrition info to support the suggested programs.

Oh my goodness

Before I bought this digital book, I wasn’t doing very well on my path to fitness. I would kind of just do 3 pushup(with bad form) before I went to bed. Then I got this book and everything changed. I started using the system provided by the book and after a week, I already noticed results. Previously, I could do about 3 pushups but after a week I could already do 5. A small change, but progress is always good. If you’re having any doubts about buying this product, don’t. It is 100% worth it and I can promise that you will get fitter/stronger.

Great buy.

At 61 I’ve let fitness routine slip. These without a doubt will get me back there as part of simple set up. Early days with only low pull ups with no hesitation due to their quality.

Aprendizado com qualidade

Para quem espera boas explicações, encontrará aqui. Mudaram a mimha perspectiva de alguns exercícios. Recomendo. Tenho pena de ainda não haver um segundo livro. Fico à espera!

Grav Essential Crewneck Tee (Slim Fit)
Comfortable Everyday/Training Shirt

For reference, I am 63kg and 162cm with an apparently slim fit muscle build. The shirt is true slim fit, and fits quite snug, it's abit tight around my shoulders and short on my waist, but is still a good look. Had there been a size medium in stock I would reorder. Otherwise, the shirt has a stretchy material (sorona) and is sweat absorbent, and is blacker than the picture online. After washing, the material does not fade or get damaged. The logos are simple yet cool, I'm happy to represent the brand. Hopefully some medium sizes will be restocked, I would definitely repurchase any apparel.

Grav Gymnastic Rings
Edgar Bahena

Completely happy with my purchase. One of the most challenging work outs .

Approach changer

This book changed my approach to push-ups, which I was doing differently, and made me understand what I was doing wrong. Now I train only following the instructions in the book and I know exactly what to do, thanks to the detailed illustrations


Its very useful, i progress a lot with the book


Great book to learn basics of calisthenics.

I still haven't got the book yet, can you get back to me as soon as possible? Thank you.


The Art and how theirs a lot of detail in each workout showing you what to do and what not to do and it makes you want to go and understand how to do each workout correctly and helps you build muscle and not make mistakes, one example is in the pull-up page and says to have your arms shoulder width apart and keep your legs together and your core tight all helped me build muscle a lot, I enjoy reading this and I also build muscle quicker.

Amazing Book

This is a great book for people trying to really get into calisthenics. The explanations for the exercises are very detailed and the program progresses you through the exercises effectively. Only on week 3 and a friend noticed that I have gotten bigger.

Poor customer service

Did not believe book would actually arrive, false and misleading emails (which can be provided). Delivery took over a month.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any confusion regarding the delivery of your book. The book was a pre-order from the start, with an expected 1.5-month timeframe for manufacturing and shipping. We realize we did not communicate this clearly enough.

To address this, we’ve now prominently included the pre-order information in the product title, not just in the description. We’re also improving our email communication to ensure our customers are fully informed.

We hope you enjoy the book and its content. We appreciate your understanding and support. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Thank you once again for your patience.

Well made!

Wrists of steel!!!

I am new to calisthenics and these were totally a game changer for supporting my wrists and them getting used to the loads

Very helpful

It gives ton of tricks and tips on exrcices that are common, but very useful, and its very beginner friendly