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Great, compact vest

I searched high and low to find a vest that was compact enough to not constrain my arms/shoulders. I'd seen Chris Heria's and it looked like the best option anywhere, but shipping to Australia was not practical. Thankfully I found Gravgear, and it's the same vest (but without all the cool colour options..). It's easy to setup and fits nice and snug. I did my first workout yesterday and I'm super happy. Let the gains begin!


Best product for body builders

Excellent quality

Purchased this vest a few months ago now.
The quality is fantastic. For a vest the holds a decent amount of weight it’s quiet comfortable to wear even for long periods of time.

Grav Gymnastic Rings
Aaron Schultz
Excellent quality

Great product. First class quality. Only negative is that install instructions could be better for a sloped beam.

Best Quality

Good start for those that wants to learn muscle up, the weight resistance is more than enough to support me. Quality is good, love it!

As Good as it Gets!

This vest is everything that it has been marketed as. From comfort, to adjustability, to quality, this vest lives up to it. I've just started using it in my Calisthenics training and I'm sure that I am going to be using it for a long time!

Wraps for Gains!

When I experience the occasional discomfort in my wrists or if I'm pushing the limits in my training and require a little more protection, these wrist wraps does the job.

The material is firm enough that it helps limit the range of motion in your wrist to protect it, and the wraps also add a great deal of stiffness for stronger forces to be generated through your hands. The fabric is also very comfortable that even if you were to tighten the wraps more around your wrists, the edge of the wraps don't feel like they are stabbing into your skin.

And it comes in black, which is my favourite colour!

Definitely a must have!

Up your Calisthenics Game

This is a great set of resistance bands that I think is very affordable with great quality. The resistance profile of each band is just right in offering plenty of variation in your training from providing assistance to challenging you with its resistance. They feel like they are made of long lasting materials, so surely its a training tool I'd recommend having to help you go far in your training.

Solid Material

Made with good material and provides a nice support for my wrist while I'm doing my exercises.

Good Quality

Good quality bands that help to provide additional support for different exercises.

Very good

The straps have a nice feel to them. My wrist feels secure and supported. Fits really nicely and would recommend

Very good

Really a premium quality from not only the vest but the blocks as well. Weight blocks feel great and durable. Also has a pocket with a zipper that is great to store your phone safely during a run.

Highly recommend

The vest has a very tight fitting and can be used for many exercises. The straps are adjustable and can be easily secured during workouts.


The bands provide a good resistance and the quality of the bands feels great and safe to use

Reflector feature!

Now this is cool, not only you do weighted in style but you can do it in the evenings and i feel super safe to train at night, esp ending work pretty late. Safety first!

Shoulder support top notch

Try jogging with it, you will know what i mean, the shoulder support is perfect & it doesnt stray if you do overhead exercises like handstands

good quality cloth

material is better than other wraps in the market. Wish they had more colors so we can differentiate if people around us uses the same design. Solid

Awesome quality

Beautifully made and stable, exactly what was expected and needed.

The Perfect Vest for Calisthenics Enthusiasts

This is one of the most snug and comfortable vests I've tried. From push ups to handstands to pull ups, this vest holds on like it's a part of your own body. The make of the vest feels very firm so the it never sags and stays in place, even if the weights are placed unevenly. The pads at the shoulders are cushy and doesn't dig into the shoulders. I love that the waist strap is very adjustable so you can make the finest adjustment for the perfect fit. Adding and removing weights is a breeze as the rust proof blocks that come with it slide in and out like butter.

The only con I have, which probably isn't a much of an issue because it's a one-off thing, is the initial setup of the adjustable strap. The strap comes in 3 separate parts and you probably won't be able to figure out how to put them together by intuition alone. However, there is an online manual that shows you how to do it, so that solves the problem.

Overall, it's a great vest and I think any Calisthenics enthusiast looking to take their performance to the next level should add this to their collection of training equipment.

Comfortable Straps

Straps provide nice support for the wrist and easily adjustable in terms of the tightness.

Grav Weight Vest 16kg - Pro
Raffy StreetStrength
Stainless steel weights

Never seen anything like this before, usually its a kind of stone thats always rust for few months. Smart design with anti-rust, so i dont need to worry about sweat or water splattering onto the weights during my training.

Snug and Comfortable Weight Vest

Weight vest straps tightly to your body without dangling. This was an issue that I've experienced with other Weight vests that I've purchased before. The vest also has shoulder pads that make it more comfortable for the vest to rest on your shoulders.


Wish they have in diff colours but the quality is really solid lah no doubt

Wraps with special feature for better grip

The "gravgear" description is a smart one (it is like a sticky rubbery texture for the string to keep intact) as normally wristwraps gets loosen up in between the workouts

Grav Weight Vest 16kg - Pro
Raffy StreetStrength
Firm and secure buckle

impressive idea on how they create a velcro together with the safety clip. very unique design, not complicated to wear them. fast and easy strap