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Perfect alignment in minutes. No more guesswork. Your time should be spent working out, not adjusting straps. Made to last countless of training session.

Best Gymnastic Rings in Australia


Loved by Athletes

Levelling up skills since day one

Amazing As Advertised

Training with Gravgear Rings is next level! Product is exactly as advertised and amazing in terms of giving you the best comfort and the best workout!

Martina TanziCustomer

Top Notch As Expected

Is the price justified? 1000 times yes because you will most definitely not find a product at such high quality anywhere I assure you with excellent customer service to match!

Shawn L.Customer

No more guesswork

With Grav Gymnastic Rings, you'll never have to worry about adjusting your height symmetry again.

These rings are designed with quick adjustment in mind, so you can get the exact same height for both rings every time. No more guesswork - just perfect symmetry every time.

Heavy-Duty Strap for Safety and Durability

The double-layer strap is made with high-intensity nylon and reinforced anchor loops, ensuring that you can train worry-free. The heavy-duty strap is also built to last, ensuring that you can enjoy your workouts for years to come.

Whether you are practicing Australian pull-up or front lever, the rings will not fail you.

Hiking-Grade Carabiners

The sturdy zinc alloy carabiners will not rust and hold up under even the most strenuous use. You'll feel the difference in quality as soon as you hold them in your hands.

Grav Gymnastic Rings are made with the highest quality materials, ensuring that they will last for years to come.

Anti-Sweat Zelkova Wooden Rings

Our wooden rings are non-slip and anti-sweat. They are made from treated Zelkova Sinica wood with a smooth sanding finish. Every repetition on the rings has never felt better, you can focus on your workout without worrying about the rings slipping out of your hands.

The best thing is, they age very well unlike other material such as plastics. Unlike other materials such as plastic, the wood does not wear down with use, meaning the rings will look and feel just as good years from now as they do today.

Neat And Tidy All The Time

Grav Gymnastic rings are the more organized alternative to other gymnastic rings on the market. The excess strap can be easily wrapped and secured, so there's no need for additional cable management straps. This makes it easier to use and eliminates any unnecessary distractions during your workout.

After use, just strap them around the rings and keep in your bag or hang it up. No more messy straps and they are ready to be used within seconds.

Ultimate strength powerhouse you can bring anywhere.

Take your bodyweight fitness to another level. Pull-up, push-up, back & front lever. You name it. If you can dominate the moves on rings, you can perform them anywhere else with ease.


Frequently asked questions

They are not only great for calisthenics and body-weight training. Push-up, pull-up, dip, l-sit, handstand, leg-raise, back-lever, front-level, German hang, skin-the-cat. It is so versatile you can use it for functional fitness, cross training, strength training, and conditioning.

Doing push ups on gymnastic rings really challenges your muscles in new ways. On the floor, the force generated by a push-up works in an up and down direction along the arm length. On gymnastics rings, you have to work the chest muscles with both horizontal and vertical forces applied to your body weight. The result? Better body coordination and maximum strength gain!

It's just as good for beginners as it is for more advanced people. It is for all fitness level. Just like any calisthenics exercises, there are always some easier progression to train first. With gymnastic rings, you just had more options doing beginner friendly movement. Rings are also less harsh to joints when comparing to static bars.

Ah, the simple question that has so many possible answers depending on what is available in your environment and how much space you have. Do you have a doorway? A pull-up bar/free bar or more sturdy bar for rings to hold onto at different heights? Yes? Great! No? Try these ideas: tree branches; if lucky enough to have a roof or balcony with a roof, hang them on the strong bars.

Absolutely! Just look how buff a gymnast is.

Gymnastic rings, in particular, allow you to build muscle more effectively because they require effort to maintain equilibrium (no balance beam), which means you're using the muscles throughout your body more than with other equipment like plastic hoops or on tumbling mats. They also offer you increased mobility and range of motion, two things that are lacking when we do weight training routines on machines alone. The result will be stronger and leaner muscles for sure - all without having to leave the comfort of your own home!

Glad you asked. Our rings are created to be some of the most durable in the industry and won't break or snap like a lot of other competitors do. But for those of you that want something even better than just durability, fear not! After a long time trying to perfect our strap we finally managed to come up with one that is so easy to adjust within seconds. The double layer strap will last a lifetime too, making it perfect for anyone who wants an inch less or more off their height at all times without pausing what they're doing on the gymnastic rings.

Rings should be stored indoor when not in use, as direct sunlight
damages materials over time. Wipe clean with damp cloth and hang dry
before keeping up in dry space.

Expose Your Weakness in Stability

Push Beyond Your Limit

Gymnastic rings provide an unstable surface, which forces the muscles in your body to work harder than they would on any other surface. This increase in muscle activation can help you build more strong and healthy muscles!

While performing an exercise on gymnastic rings, the largest muscle groups in your body are constantly firing to keep you from collapsing. When these muscles become tired they'll start to shake and tremble while still maintaining a solid form.

Build Bigger Muscle and Strength

No Way to Skimp on The Form

Performing a workout with proper form on gymnastic rings require a lot of power. They are also (almost) impossible to cheat on or fake your way through because they will make it painfully obvious when form breaks down.

With the full engagement of body and mind, you get to: recruit more muscle fibres and build nerve adaption rapidly.

Awesome Full Body Compound Exercise

Higher Level of Body Coordination

Why train a single muscle group when you can train the full body all at once? Gymnastic rings are a great way to challenge your whole body. From the back, shoulders and core to legs- it's a battle between gravity and an unstable surface that requires extraordinary coordination of all parts in order not losing the good form.

Gymnastic Rings Are Friendly to Joints

Rotate and Move in Natural Way

Standard pull-ups are boring. The bar is stationary and the body stays in one position, which can result in muscle strain or injury due to excess pressure being applied on certain joints.

Compared to a static straight bar, doing a pull-up on rings are a lot more friendly to the joints. It let your arm and wrists rotate in a natural motion.

Versatile for Veteran and Beginner

Adjust the Height to Your Level

Gymnastics rings are often seen as a difficult exercise for fitness veterans, but the truth is that they can be used to make your beginner workout easier and more fun.

Perfect for all skills trainings.

Gym Rings for Calisthenics


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