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Pre-order status

We will update the pre-order status constantly on this page.

Updated as of 18 Nov 2022

Grav Weight Vest 16kg & Grav Weight Vest 12kg (Restocked)

We're thrilled to announce all standard vests are restocked and are in the process of packing. Pending orders will be fulfilled very soon. Customers can expect to receive the tracking email next Tuesday (22 Nov), and most of the order should be delivered within the same week.


Updated as of 15 Nov 2022

Grav Weight Vest Pro 16kg & Grav Weight Vest Pro 12kg (Ships at the end of December 2022)

It turns out the inventory we’ve been expecting to be restocked this 25 November, has not yet been shipped from the manufacturing country. The 3rd party freight company that we hired, has been playing games and trying to cover the unacceptable delay. For the sake of the safety of the stock, we’ve cut ties with the company and moved our inventory to another freight service. 

That said, the estimated shipping date will now be around the end of December.


Updated as of 13 Nov 2022

Grav Weight Vest Pro 16kg & Grav Weight Vest Pro 12kg (Ships on 25 November 2022)

The inventory will take more time to reach our warehouse due to unexpected additional custom inspections and weather condition. We're looking to inbound the stock around 25 Nov and start shipping from the same date.

Grav Weight Vest 16kg & Grav Weight Vest 12kg (Ships on 19 November 2022)

The last estimated restocked date was 11 Nov. Unfortunately, our inventory is still being held at Australian custom due to several reasons:

  • To cope with the high demand, we are bringing in more stock than ever in this shipment.
  • It goes beyond the volume threshold that would require excessive inspection and paperwork.
  • We didn’t see that coming when setting the initial stock ETA, that’s on us entirely.

Grav Parallettes (Restocked)

Parallettes are restocked on time.


Updated as of 1 Nov 2022

  • Grav Weight Vest Pro 12kg: 19 November 2022 (delayed due to bad weather on freight shipment)
  • Grav Parallettes: 10 November 2022 (on schedule)



As of 24 Oct 2022

Here are the expected restock date for below product pre-orders. 

  • Grav Weight Vest Pro 12kg: 5 November 2022 (on schedule)
  • Grav Parallettes: 10 November 2022 (on schedule)
  • Grav Gymnastic Rings: Restocked