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Parallettes Full Set

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Say hello to the Full Parallettes Set, the ultimate tag team for your calisthenics shenanigans. With Grav Parallettes Prime, Range, and Edge, you'll have the power to defy gravity, impress your friends, and maybe even scare away the occasional squirrel. Embrace the thrill of handstands, L-sits, and push-ups with this dynamic pair that's as sturdy as it is attractive (just like you, right?).

Expect to see some wear on the protective caps of (some) parallettes—it's a good sign, showing they've kept your gear scratch-free during shipping.

These caps aren't needed for the equipment's use. If they're damaged, it's easy to glue them back or remove them. This wear doesn't compromise the parallettes' quality or strength.

+ Save more with bundle set.
+ Improve your performance with exercises like push-ups, handstands, and more.
+ Perfect grip by birch wood handle with a smooth finish. No more chalking.
+ Built to last for ages thanks to the solid steel base.
+ Invisible anti-slip patch at the bottom for a steady stance.
+ Healthier wrist joints and lesser pain.

Grav Parallettes Prime
+ Parallettes dimension (LxWxH): 19.7" x 13.3" x 11.8" / 50cm x 34cm x 30cm
+ Wooden handle usable length: 14.5" / 37cm
+ Wooden handle diameter: 1.5" / 4cm
+ Total weight of a pair: 13.2lb / 6kg

Grav Parallettes Range
+ Parallettes dimension (LxWxH): 27.6" x 9.8" x 4.7" / 70 cm x 25 cm x 12 cm
+ Wooden handle usable length: 24.2" / 61.5 cm
+ Wooden handle diameter: 1.5" / 4 cm
+ Total weight of a pair: 10.6 lb / 4.8 kg

Grav Parallettes Edge
+ Parallettes dimension (LxWxH): 9.3" x 6.5" x 4.7" / 23.5cm x 16.5cm x 12cm
+ Wooden handle usable length: 5.9" / 15cm
+ Wooden handle diameter: 1.5" / 4cm
+ Total weight of a pair: 5.9lb / 2.7kg

4.8 / 5

Kiss wrist pain goodbye

Remember that scene in every horror movie where the floor creaks, and something bad is about to happen? Yeah, that's your wrists screaming every time they press against the floor. Enter our parallettes—the superhero capes for your wrists. With ergonomic design, you can kiss wrist pain goodbye faster than a villain running from the scene.

The most stable parallettes ever

Think of the Range as your stability sensei. Its longest handles make for the largest support base. It's like doing a handstand on a runway—so much room for activities and zero wobble.

Only three elephants could break them

Think of something super strong. Like, strong enough to handle three big elephants standing on it. That's how tough these parallettes are. They can take a lot of weight - and we're talking 16,464N, which is roughly equivalent to 3700 pounds or about 1678 kilograms.So, when you're working out hard, don't worry. They can handle it.

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What workouts are these good for?

Here are our top picks, but the possibilities are endless.

Elevates your body off the ground, letting you go deeper in each push-up and engage more muscles.


Mobility issues? It elevates your L-sits, easing strain while boosting core strength.


The extended base offers unbeatable stability, making your handstand solid and secure.


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Antonio Benson
Calisthenics playbook

Very informational and detailed about the basics of calisthenics.

Joe Seitz

Far superior to my old plastic ones that occasionally slid out from under me on my smooth garage gym floor. No more fail army for me!

Scott Higgins
Quality Parallettes

I finally got to the point in my calisthenics progress where I needed to purchase parallettes. The Gravgear Parallettes Prime were the best balance of quality, aesthetic and value that I found. They are stable, comfortable and look really good in my gym. Thank you!

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Handle Length Medium Longest Shortest
Best For Range of motion Stability Carry around

Frequently asked questions

Parallettes are great for any bodyweight exercise where you'd normally put your hands on the ground. This tool gives you a natural grip that's better for your wrists. You can do exercises like push-ups, dips, L-sits, V-sits, handstands, planks, planches, tuck holds, shoot-throughs, pike push-ups, mountain climbers, and pretty much any move where you need a solid, elevated hand placement.

The choice between Prime, Range, and Edge depends on your workout needs:

Prime: This model is the all-rounder with medium handle length, offering a good balance between stability and range of motion. It's great for those who want to practice a wide variety of exercises, from basic push-ups and dips to more advanced moves like handstands and planches. Choose Prime if you have a diverse workout routine that includes both dynamic and static exercises.

Range: With the longest handles, Range is the stability champ. It's perfect for athletes who need a wider base for moves that require a lot of balance, like handstand push-ups or advanced L-sits. It’s also a good fit if you're taller or have a wider frame, as the extra handle length can accommodate a broader reach.

Edge: Edge is the smallest and lightest, making it ideal for people who are always on the move or have limited space. It’s a solid choice for those who travel frequently but don’t want to skip their calisthenics routine. Despite its size, it still offers the same high-quality materials and construction as the larger models, just in a more compact form.

Yes, parallettes are suitable for all levels, including beginners. They can help reduce strain on the wrists and improve form, making them a great tool to start with.

Yes, the parallettes can support a ton of weight—up to 3700 pounds (about 1678 kilograms) per pair, which is around 16,464 Newtons of force. This isn't just a rough estimate; it's a tested and confirmed figure that proves their strength.

Wooden handles age better than plastic ones, which can break, and they're a better choice than metal, which can be slippery and heavier than needed. The wooden bars provide a firm grip, don't slip, and won't weigh you down.

No, the parallettes come with anti-slip patches, so they should be stable on most surfaces. However, for best results, use them on a flat, stable surface.

While they're not specifically designed for rehabilitation, the natural wrist position when using parallettes may reduce pain and aid in strengthening the wrists.

For the wooden handles, just wipe them with a damp cloth and mild detergent, then dry right away.

Avoid harsh chemicals on the steel base; a damp cloth should suffice to keep it clean. If the metal base starts peeling and gets rusty, scrape off the rust and spray a new layer of protective coating to keep them in top shape.

Grav Parallettes (and all other Gravgear products) come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. This means if there's a problem with the materials or the way they're put together that isn't due to normal wear and tear, you should be able to get a replacement or repair.

Why choose when you can have them all?

Can't decide? No worries. Grab our ultimate bundle with all three MVPs -- Prime, Range, and Edge. You'll save cash and unlock endless workout combos.