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One Vest to Rule Them All

Best Weighted Vest in Australia

Weight Vest Collection
"Probably the greatest weighted vest. This is definitely a must-have to all of those who are into training."

-- Bryan O., Customer

Push Past Your Limits

Bodyweight fitness is all great, but it can be tricky at progression. It is not as simple as adding weight plates as if you are weight lifting.

Weighted vest makes your workout harder. You can now add weight on top of your bodyweight - at the precision of 1kg.

Breaking fitness plateau has never been easier.

Train What You’ve Always Wanted, An A Hard Way.

The best weight vest is the one that's always with you. No matter you are doing calisthenics, running, sports, or even martial arts.

The compact design ensures maximum range of motion and flexibility throughout any workout.

They are made for all trainings.

Everything is easier when you take off the weight vest. Except it didn't get easier, but you get stronger.

Well-built Gears Save You Money in the Long Run

It's always tempting to grab the cheapest weight vest you can find from general store.

But like a sturdy pair of boots, the Grav Weight Vest is an investment which pays off in the end. Premium materials and craftmanship allows them to outlast all all the cheaper alternatives. W

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Fast Shipping from Australia Warehouse

As a brand founded in Singapore, we expanded to Australia with pride.

That means we have our warehouse set up natively within Australia. This makes product shipment, after-sale support a lot easier and friendly to our local supporters.

Gravgear is Weighted Vests Specialist

Weighted vest is the first product of our product line. And very quickly, it has become our star product, for a reason.

We are a team full of fitness enthusiasts. We design, test, and optimize the weighed vest base on various training. We are our own customer.

Our Product is Covered (For Life)

That's not a promise to be taken lightly.

We take our after-sale support serious and we have zero tolerance in subpar quality gear, which can result in a subpar quality workout.

If you found manufacturer defect in them, we will send you a new one, or full refund.